Michele Bachmann

For those of you that are considering Michele Bachman in the Republican primaries you need to take a look at this – http://www.politifact.com/personalities/michele-bachmann/


6 responses to “Michele Bachmann

  1. Interesting site. I like it. Here is the link that allows you to view remarks from a large number of politicians.


    On another note, If Bachman is the best we can do we’re in trouble.

  2. Yeah, I love that site. Any time someone some politician says something that sounds wrong I check it out and I’m usually right. What I wish this site had, which they do have on their iPhone and iPad app, is a scorecard where on one page it shows what percentage of the time all the major political players said things, true, mostly true, half true, partially true, false and pants on fire (my favorite one). Every politician says untrue things but the two with the greatest amount are Bachmann and Trump. Trump was actually worse than her.

    I agree with you on Bachmann. She’s got a good stage presence and could possibly win the nomination if the Tea Party people can somehow sway the mainstream Republican’s away from a more centrist candidate like Romney or Huntsman. I feel the same way about Palin. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Romney got the nomination that the Tea Party people might try to throw Bachmann or Palin up as a third party candidate.

    • DVD, that last scenario, Romney as the party candidate with Bachmann and/or Palin as the TP candidate would be a dream come true for Obama and Dems. They would split the right wing vote in such a way that it would make Ralph Nader’s impact on the 2000 election seem like it never happened.

  3. There won’t be a third party conservative candidate. Bachmann and Palin are not qualified for the job. They will face immense pressure to support the Republican nominee if they don’t win. Running as a third party candidate ensures an Obama win as TJ mentions which would be unforgiveable from a Republican perspective. If the ultimate nominee is Romney, Perry, Christie or Huntsman we’d have a fighting chance, otherwise I think we’re cooked.

    • Brian, who do you think gets the nom? I think it’s Romney. Perry might be VP material in this go-round and he has a pretty big hurdle to overcome in all of his posturing about seceding from the union. His numbers are good nationally due to his ability to promote his low unemployment numbers but the state ranks 48th in education and most of the job growth is due to the energy boom particularly with natural gas. Plus he keeps saying Texas is ranked first in job growth because of the business friendly tax platform but Texas ranks 13th or 14th nationally on business taxes so he’ll have to reconcile that on the campaign trail.

      I don’t think Christie will run at least not now. He might wait four years and run then banking on Obama winning again next year and knowing it’s easier to win when there is no incumbent. Depsite Obama’s poll numbers, the field is very weak and Christie might play the long con instead of the short one.

      Huntsman is still an unknown variable. He hasn’t actually said anything of substance yet that I can find. I read him comments on the Frank-Dodd legislation (linked in DVD’s latest post) and found it amazing in it’s lack of substance.

      Tim Pawlenty is trying to make a run but I think Bachmann has stolen all of his midwest conservative thunder.

  4. TJ, Agree, right now the field is weak. Unless someone emerges that is currently has not declared (Mitch Daniels, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie) then I’d say it’s going to be Romney. All of the current candidates have significant flaws that they will have to explain during the campaign and none of them are nearly as inspiring as Obama was in 2008.

    The biggest factor in all of this is of course the economy. If somehow our credit rating gets downgraded, unemployment remains high and a 3rd of the country is underwater on their house it’s going to be tough sledding for Obama. If we’re below 8% and the they get this budget deal done I think Obama wins pretty easily against every current Republican candidate.

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